Monday, July 11, 2016

Pets Rule The Box Office

I ain't afraid of no Ghosts, bring it on !

Note: Todays blog will be extended for the week due to working on Blue Bloods and Shades of Blue. Live on MNN this Saturday along with new mini-review radio show later this week.

Tuesday Update:
Translation: X-Men Apocalypse didn't even clear $600M so lets have a back up. And all comments on the internet say the aame thing: Agents of shield sucked and like this is going to be better? I agree, another desperate move to keep a franchise going.
Is it me or does the costume look a bit cheesy. But who cares. If they can finally get this right that would be good enough for us die hards. Well can it be any worse than F4.
4 second video but still funny. For an actor who has been nominated so many times for Oscars, Golden Globes, Baftas and so many other, it's great to see him having a good sense of humor doing this.
When Variety magazine reports this then it's a big deal. This is how serious Universal is about their Monster franchise. Interesting casting even tho Bardem was a bit of a freak in 007 Skyfall.
Huge $103M opening. Not even the studios saw this coming. So much for the expects, again.
Now this is the film that Ghostbusters should be afraid of, never those ghosts. Actually the reviews are coming in and it doesn't look good for the ladies. In the meantime Dory has taken out Civil War for the big win of the year which will last until Star Wars Rogue One comes out at the end of the year. Let's face it, the rest of the year is going to be one lame duck. And final note, Dory has taken out Toy Story 3. Wow animation is ruling and most others are tanking. What a year.
Really? Not if China has a say so. They got their own ghosts stories. And this is what this franchise needs, China. REviews are in and while they say the picture is not that bad will it have repeats? No. Are people going to scream for more Sequels? Prob not. What arrogance. Ghosts beating cute little white bunnies and a blue fish, both who came first and second. Let's see. I love these girls but remember Grown Us 2? All those comedians and I laughed once.

Slow news day, more to be posted later on tonight.

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