Monday, July 18, 2016

Those Pets Win Again

New Radio show coming this week covering Star Wars that we didn't cover on the MNN show which is posted below as a bonus.
Did anyone notice there was hardly any mention of all those reshoots not being mentioned?
And I still have a problem with that poster. It just reminded of Gilligan's Island with those damn palm trees. But hell whatever works and still looking forward to it. Especially those AT-At, one of my favorite from the franchise. But is a Funeral for Han solo necessary?
Bullshit. Sony is trying to save face from the fact that this is not doing good. Pets won or first place and Trek is getting great reviews (man am I glad on that one) and Bourne is up next. This will never catch up and that thing with China didn't help. Note: Remember when Green Lantern was release to a lousy opening weekend and the studio was trying to drum up business by saying it's going ahead with a sequel. Same ploy here. They even repeated an Ellen episode featuring Hillary Clinton and the Ghostbuster girls. Man, Sony is trying hard. And with all the news with Star Wars and Trek this weekend it's lucky it made as much as it did.
Of course this annoucement didn't help the Ghostbuster cause at all. Of course Sony had to say something after Trek did. Now that's funny. Man the desperation. But for us Trekkers/trekkies this is great news. Of course I was bitching last week thanks to that damn trailer and song but damn we want this to work so bad. So far no Pegg as Writer and Lin as director but if this goes thru the roof they'll be the first one to be offered the job.
Translation: This will even be easier for bit torrent sites to post this once it goes to Netflix.
Yep all access indeed. hee hee.

Our latest show from this past weekend. Star Wars talk is near the end. And premiere of the music site.

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