Thursday, July 14, 2016

Pets Vs. Ghostbusters Weekend

Live on MNN this Saturday at 5 pm. Click here: on Satuday.
Thursday's blog will be extended for the weekend.:

Saturday Update:
But Pets should win the weekend. But will Ghostbusters have legs and repeats? Not with the good reviews on Star Trek and Bourne around the corner wither way it don't look good for the franchise.
For you Ghostbuster fans of the original. Some great behind the scenes info ont he making of the film. I wonder how John Belushi would have looked in this.
Includes Live stream from the London Con. Read the 4th paragraph. Moaned? Nope it was more like: WTF! Less than 5 minutes screen time still kind of pisses me off.

It's going to be tight between these two considering reviews of  Ghostbusters have not been that bad. Actually Ghostbusters needs to be gangbusters more than anything else if they want a franchise out o it. See what happen below.
This picture is so screwed. This has to be huge stateside (maybe) and do great in the european market. Remember both Japan and India nixed STar Wars a heavy SFX driven movie. So who knows.
This is more of marketing pushing this idea than anything else no matter who they have in thier pocket. The only reason this would make that much is there's no competition and fans themselves are looking forward to this DC title after the disappointment of BvsS.
Looks like fun but are people looking forward to seeing this after all these other sequels have tanked. How many times can you tell this story anyways?

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