Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek Beyond Wins Big

This is a special edition posted Sunday and updated today. A new blog will be posted tomorrow.

This is their take from comic con.
And this has the hits and misses from the con.
Trek did better than expected but deserves to do better as I thought it was better than the first two.
Anyways Pets won again for No. 2 while the other animation Ice Age did horrible. Time for the franchise to go to Disney channel. And it's pretty much over for Ghostbusters landing at No. 3 for the Second Weekend? Ouch. What a shame, I thought the women did a great job. At least It was better than GB No. 2 with the original cast. Wow that sucked!
More on a new Radio coming before Live on MNN next Saturday.
Whatever. We all know who stole the show was Wonder Woman. And the trailer looked so cool. This has to work. Maybe DC has a chance. Still haven't see seen the Directors cut  but I did see the bonus features, good stuff. More on the next radio this week
Areal life size Enterprise in Vegas? If you read the article the one in charge didn't think this would work but flash forward they have a Vegas presentation and now  a ST:TNG exhibit at NYC Intrepid Museum. DOH!
Just some fun stuff to check out. Just in cast you want to know how to say Beam Me Up in Japanese.
Cool one minute video. More  to say on the radio show.

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