Friday, July 12, 2013

Pacific Rim Predictions

Regardless how this does in the U.S. this will be huge overseas especially Russia, China and of course Japan. They love their robots and in Asia big monsters always do great.
What ever Grown Ups 2 does it doesn't matter crap where Sandler never makes over $100M overseas.
He needs that US money. Then its a done deal.

Despicable Me has cleaned up both US and International Box Office which leaves The Long Ranger.
While Europe does have a tradition of loving their westerns they genre has been mostly underground
and Depp in makeup is getting really tiring.

And The Winner is....Pacific Rim
What ever it earns in the U.S. this will be huge overseas with no competition. It will break even both
for marketing and its original budget. How much of a profit remains to be seen. But this won't be the
failure that the tracking Department predicted. They should have kept in eye on Lone Ranger instead.
Variety Magazine did a full spead on Bruckheirmer and The Lone Ranger predicting it's big success.
Now it looks like a parody of "Mad Magazine"

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