Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Lone Ranger Not Looking Good...Update


Despicable Me 2 75% to Lone Ranger 25%..

Ouch ! As said before I love westerns but why did this cost over $200M and why does it clock in at 2 and half hours?
I loved Despicable Me 1 and I'm predicting after the big rush for LR which fans of Depp will support That will crash by the end of the 4th of July weekend and DM2 will win. only because of Depp that
DM2 will win the weekend.
If not than DM2 will be a close second. But it should not be a close second.
If you have Star Depp, Director Gore, Producer Bruckheimer who have done great with the Pirates Franchise this should leave all competition in the dust
Sorry I'm going for the Minions. People want to laugh have fun and not surfer thru a 2 hr 30m movie.
90 minutes is good enough for me. Look at Monsters University.

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