Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pacific Rim Mini Review

4 out of 5.
Del Toro has done his best so far. Everything Anime that you grew up with is in here.
And yes every penny is on that screen. A fan boys dream to share with everyone.
For 2 and a half hours this went by pretty quick. The action was top notch.. Great camera work.
You can see all the fights, even under water as the lighting was top notch. You can see the details on both
the robots and the monsters even through all the rain when the action was above ground.
I have no idea what screening the critics went to, but they sure missed something.

My only complaint is they could had more of the fight scenes during the day. Some it was presented as televised news. Maybe in the next one if does great internationally. It worked for Transformers and those stories sucked big time.

Mini Spoiler on the opening: As in the trailer there's a big underwriter fight (one of the a few)
that last for 15 minutes then the Main Title appears. And goes straight into the movie. All the credits are
left for the end which are damn long like many of today's flix. If want to stick around for the credits  I suggest a bathroom break before the Big Fight and is the Highlight of the movie. Yep the ship as a baseball bat sequence as in the trailer. That enough will make me get this on Blu-ray just for that. That's Appx 1 Hour into the movie when more characters are introduce.

Well that's it. Enjoy the movie for the weekend. Hopefully I will have that premiere for this week as I cancelled it for Men of Steel as that minaly suck if it wasn't for Krypton part and for Crowe.
WE are also working on a Hangout on our Godzilla community page. More news on Sunday and Monday.

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