Friday, July 19, 2013

A Crazy Box Office Weekend.

Everyone is going to bury each other, hopefully Turbo will lead just for having
Michelle Rodriquez in the cast, it adds a certain charm. So the Snail it is for me.
We all love Jeff Bridges who was nominated for Best Actor in Starman so he's
no stranger to sci-fi even after Iron Man. But the studio put crap into promoting this.
Already Red 2 is bad reviews thanks to Rotten Tomatoes but Willis has his fans.
But the big one is "Conjuring" which got a whooping 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. 
As for me I'm done with these horror, there hasn't been a good one all year.
Well at least this will  push Sandler and the rest to the bottom of the top 10.
Sandler never got he's No. 1. Adam would say "haw haw haw"

But what the fans are waiting for is how Pacific Rim will do at the international B.O.
The film is being pushed out slowly to different markets for the next couple of weeks.
If Battleship can make over $300M then PR should have no problem breaking even.

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