Sunday, July 21, 2013

Batman Saves The Day Again

See what happens when IM3 and Batman crosses over the $1Billion mark and the most
iconic Superhero of all time barely crosses the $600 mark. Who you gonna call?
Gang Buster himself Batman to save the franchise just to get the Justice League off the ground.
That's what happens when those Minions will be the 2nd biggest picture of this year leaving Sups
in third place. How embarrassing. Now they are trying to save safe. And this happen last time.
More details on what happen on the last show will be address on the Premiere this week on BTR.
So what did that "S" stand for? Sups Shitty Script?

All in all pathetic. Pure act of desperation and considering Legendary Pictures leaving the fold,
the company that help produce these pictures, it's no wonder they have to strike as fast as
possible to save this mess. That's what they get for not supporting Pacific Rim especially when
Legendary Pictures flip most of the bill and Warner's screw up the marketing for that one.

Good news is that PR is soon crossing the $200M mark and we still have some major
foreign markets to open like China and especially Japan which is made for this.

All this and more on the Premiere show. Why did I wait so long. I wanted to make sure
I went back to my roots live on MNN. Now I can go ahead on the other projects as promised.

Thanks to all for your patience.

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