Monday, July 29, 2013

Is it me or nobody cares anymore?

Remember when the secret was to stay after the credits for the big surprise for the next
step in the franchise of your favorite movie? Where was everyone this past weekend
and how the internet forums were basically "Yawn".

Losing steam are we superheros? And god knows Jackman has hit the circuit hard time
promoting this shit. Are the fans tired of all this, disappointed because of the last Wolverine
movie or the last few superhero movies?

Let me guess: Hunger Games 2 then wrap it up with Hobbits 2 then the year is over. But....
What about the Oscars? Besides 42, yep I'm calling it early, the others well it's like
the Batman and the Joker, break the pool stick and let the animations films of the year
fight it out.

And the nominees are:
The Croods
Monster University
Despicable Me 2

Man, what a sad year.....and no I haven't seen the new Woody Allen film yet...

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