Sunday, July 28, 2013

Box Office Wrap Up

Both Wolverine and Fast and Furious 6 do huge overseas. But the funny thing about this is
The Blu-ray release on F6 is around the corner and does great at the last stop on the international
box office, something some movies can not do this summer. SORRY SUPS! LOL.

As far as Pacific Rim is still going strong with Japan and China still to open in those countries.
And no, Wolverine won't be a competition due to the different release dates the films are getting.

But as much as Wolverine does overseas he has landed a thud over here and both
2 Guns and Smurfs 2 will clean up this next coming weekend. Imean how is Jackman, Denzal and
Wahlberg going to beat a sequel when the original did great at the box offcie.
Get the Smurf out of here. Those blue ones got it. Especially after the disappoint of Turbo.

And yes I hope to do the premiere this week as I am connecting Japan and Pacific all in one.

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