Monday, July 22, 2013

Mini Reviews for Weekend July 19-21

Dead Heat - Released back in 1988 which starred Treat Williams and SNL Joe Piscopo.

RIPD - 2: When I saw the poster and trailer it nagged me. When and where did I see this before?
Only then half way through it click. Holy crap! This is a REMAKE! UUUGGGGGGGGHH!
As stated in the link above, man I felt like a fool. Again a good idea badly redone.
Only Jeff Bridges does a great job as the cowboy but yet cannot save this. Save for Netflix
just for Jeff performance. And no fault to Reynolds, he just looks plain lost.

Turbo - 3: The little snail that tried. It has to be me. DM2 spoiled me. Those Damn Minions!
It kinds of perform on the other animation this past May, Epic. Great Graphics and animation.
But the story kind of dragged. But still good for the kiddies and the voice actors were good.
But if you don't connect the voices to the actors by reading the credits on IMDB it really
doesn't make a difference. It just comes of as weak. But still better than......

Grown Ups - 1: All these talent and comes down to fart jokes and other stupid 5 yr old antics.
1 is for the poor actresses who can actually walk away from this without hurting their reputation.
So it made money. So what. It's going to stop all these actors from going back to sitcom hell.
And gentlemen, please stay there, you guys are just not worth the ticket price and....

Congratlations! you made my top 10 worst crap films of the year.
man that felt good.........

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