Friday, July 26, 2013

Are we finally fed up with 3D - Directors Are!

The big surprise of the summer is how Despicable Me 2 is the second highest grossing film of the year
and the lowest grossing movie 3D picture of the year. What does that mean?
Me and all major film fans are just fed up with the 3D. Cute gimmick that has reach the end of the line.
Which goes back to No. 1 film technique of all time:
Great script that represents a good story that everyone can relate to in the most basic human emotion
that we can relate to.

My favorite scene of the year from Despicable Me 2:
Little one bringing out a big ass umbrella to Gru asking what's wrong.
It hit's all the right buttons on the emotional front and you care what's going to happen next.

Man of Steel: Deleted Scene
Lois: "What does the S mean?"
Sups: "It stands for hope"
Lois: Strange, I thought it meant for shitty script:
Sups: But that's two S's.
Lois: Technically since the producers over spent on the CG effects the S had to  be condense
to mean a lot of things on wrong with this picture. Don't worry I won't say suck ass 3D. I'm saving that
for the review of the Blu-ray.
Sups: That's not funny.
Lois: You're right, that's hysterical.

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