Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Star Wars Rogue One Event

Tribute to Green Hornet below in the bonus section including pictures and videos of the Black Beauty taken at the police museum show along with the Batmobile.  New Radio show coming soon.

Rogue One Press Event
28 minutes of footage was shown at Skywalker Ranch. Sounds like Lucas was happy with the film. Well at least he liked it better than Force Awakens and that was because they didn't use his story outline for the last trilogy. This includes 12 pages with some details with minor spoilers. But if you've seen all 100 HUNDRED trailers then this shouldn't bother you. lol. Jeez how many more are they going to show anyways?

Video included with box office numbers and trivia of the top . One more weekend then it's all over when Rogue One comes out. Regardless of reviews this will be huge.

Have to admit the trailer is pretty clever. Highlighting the Racoon and Baby Groot to mass effect.
Something to look forward to until the team joins up with the Avengers in Infinity War.

Speaking of which. Great idea when they pull it off. Of course this article makes a big deal about Baby Groot growing in size to fight The Hulk. Nice angle but really They push that timeline anyway they want too.

The studios are not wasting time promoting next years already. Since this year has pretty much tanked and besides a few top 10 the studios have basically have written this year off. Lucky Vin.

Is it me or this looks tired, like been there done that. Last one by Bay Not unless it clears the Billion dollar mark in which it will and then he'll keep making more and more, WAAHHH when is it going to stop? Why Why?

Tom, Tom, Tom, again with the plane? What's with you and planes. You got to let this go. Please.

In real life he became a fire fighter protecting the community which caused injury. A real super hero.

Pictures of the Batmobile and Black Beauty back in the day taken at  The NYC Police Car show in 2010.

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