Thursday, December 08, 2016

More Star Wars: Rogue One News

No Live on MNN this week. Radio show next week due to work load. Bonus video at bottom.

Earth Will Feel The Power of The Force
$350M World Wide Opening. Duh! Actually it should be around $400M with so many theatres opening weekend. But will there be repeats if it's Phantom Menace bad. That's the trick.  But keep an eye on China and India where The Force tanked keeping it from being No.l all time world wide. Long article but check out the last paragraph. They used the word Respectable. I rather use Tanked, lol.
Giacchinos did a great score for Jurassic World not matter how underrated most people feel about it. Taking over from Williams is no small feat that's for sure. If one thing is going to work out is the soundtrack. Everything else, besides the SFX, is up in the air.
Reading her latest book about that affair she had with Han Solo. But there were other things that did go good in her career which she mentions like being broke at one time. Now she got this over her head. Poor Princess, all the headaches that go fame. Well that sucks.
Good for Keaton but I wonder how does both Malcovitch and Kingsley feel about this since at one time they were both up for the part. Yeah I be pissed off too, lol.
Well here they go again. But then Bumblebee was always a favorite and he kind of got diss in the last few movies. So a spinoff might not be a bad idea. But the rest. How long will that last?...................... wow what a dumb question...
When this was first mentioned on IMDB the comments posted all agreed that this was a bad idea. The one done in the 80's was good enough even if they edited the big Creatures attacking the city aka Godzilla. Yeah it was a down ending but it made sense. Now why bother with a remake if it's going to be the very same story as the 80's version? See below bonus for the video.
Talk about musicals. So why was the ratings down on this? Simple, The show didn't have a megahit t represent it. Soud of Music had multiple songs, so did Grease. Name a Peter Pan tune, nope. Neither did this one. That's the catch. Think of Frozen (uugghhh). It had 'Let It Go' top 10 hit. There you go.

Lets face it. Most movies disappear after 4 weeks anyways. So why not release them 2 weeks after a major release. AS far as movie houses half the time their empty anyways. Poor guys. But they got to bring the price down. After waiting 6 months I;m watching major summer releases from the library aka Civil War and Find Dory. All for free. They need to wake up.

Little Shop of Horrors Deleted Ending: Monster rampage starts at 7;30 mark.

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