Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rogue One Predictions and Rogue Two Sequel?

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PS! Beware of Youtube!!! Major Spoiler Videos!  Do not watch! Especially the ending of R.O.

Rogue 2: Highest paid female, 7 figures,  for a Star Wars movie spills the beans. A young Luke?
It's in her contract for a sequel. Straight from Ms Jones in this Interview. PS I wonder how the other actors feel about this who sign up just for one movie. Especially the ones who die in this. LOL.
Top 15 of all time? That kind of lame. It should be at least top 10. By Sunday we will get a better look at the numbers. Now besides repeats, once the audience finds out all the surprises and twists will people rush to see this, the non fans? The drama starts....

Not much of a spoiler if you've seen all hundred trailers released so far. But what they don't mention is what happen to some of the scenes that were shown in the trailers at first and now those scenes are not even in the movie anymore. Yep deleted scenes already set up for the blu-ray edition.
Now this looks good. At least the concept is from a comic book and not some suit going "lets make the cast females aka Ghostbusters and Ocean 11!" What amazes me is Director Ayer got this gig again after all the bad feedback on Squad. Note: see link below on somebody else from Warners who lost their gig. Now who will they get for Catwoman and Poison Ivy?
Finally some titles for these pictures. While Pacific Rim has Star Wars star Boyer, the real big stars will be Rodan Mothra and King G for the Godzilla sequel if that's still the game plan. Gareth wanted to do Mechagodzilla, when they said no supposedly, he jumped ship for Star Wars. Geez, jeez 2 franchises under his blet. All he needs is a Marvel movie then retire. Sorry DC don't count.
Spoiler alert? Unless she can do two shows at the same time. Well it looks like we now know who is going to get killed at the end of Walking Dead season. either way will it help Star Trek new show. So far the cast if pretty good, having 3 klingons added to the cast doesn't hurt either. Fingers crossed.
Talk about another show that had 1960's origins being updated for today. This has "Suck" written all over it. A simple concept andthey have to add all this extra baggage to it. A roughneck smuggling goods. Ain't flying the ship hard enough? So he has a side hobby up to no good. Yikes.
"Your only good as your last hit" Old industry term. This is what happens when 2 of the biggest icons don't cross the $1B mark. It also doesn't help when it made just $200M more than 2 less lesser known titles. Case in point: BvS and Deadpool with Suicide Squad. In this industry it don't matter if you were behind The Hobbit and other worold known titles. You tank at one major franchise and your outta here.

I included this mainly because this has the famous  Bambi vs. Godzilla video. It never gets old.

 I'm putting this link over here as some of my readers couldn't care less while some others are curious what do I think as I follow the awards season every year for the past 27 years.
This is all about acting. So it was nice to see Vitto Mortensen for Captain Fantastic, great acting, ok movie. Meryl Streep for Florence Jenkins along with Hugh Grant. Great acting, ok movie, annoying singing, funny at first then just grating on the years. Personal fav Jeff Bridges for Hell or High Water, all 3 including Ben forster and Cris Pike deserve Nods for a great movie. 4 out of 5.
Last but not least is Andrew Garfield who told Sony go screw themselves for Spiderman. Now who's getting the last laugh. Great job all around including Mel for Hacksaw Ridge. 4 our of 5.

Extra Bonus:
Which will be mentioned on our Live Show. Please take this with a shrug. It's not the worst of all time. If you don't like the first  minutes, you are going to Hate the rest of the clip. Lotsa of details.

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