Tuesday, December 27, 2016

RIP Princess Leia

New Blog Talk Radio show now playing: Mini-movie reviews.  Rogue One News postpone till next week. Rogue One will enter the Top Ten of all time domestically and break the top five after this weekend to be the No. 1 picture of the year.

This is so unreal. Right at the end of the year. Guess the heartbreak was all too much. Besides Singing in the Rain, my generation new her as the Voice of the Spider in Charlottes Web. Not a big hit when it first came out but became cult status over the years (remake doesn't count). I remember going to see this as a kid. To young to appreciate until in later years. This article includes two videos including the Spiders death lullabye, now more poignant now than ever.

I included to show what a great sense of humor she had and if you read any of her books it was apparent she could face her troubles and still laugh about it. Not easy to do. Also this article has other links to other new articles you can click on instead of me reposting them here.

What a way to end the year. And for some of us part of our childhood and teenage years are now history, along with many others this past year from the 1970's and 80's  dying way to young and before their time. Kind of scary when you think of it.

While the news is we get to see her one more time but this time her actual performance and not a CGI replacement, no word on Episode 9 as it looks like she ties all 3 films together. (No word on Hamill's take in Ep. 9). But one character could get a big er presence as a tribute to her mother and that is Billie Lourd (see imdb.com) who plays Lt. Connix in Force Awakens and Ep.8. As I mentioned in my previous blog you can see her in Force standing next to Greg Grunberg (Heroes, Star Trek Beyond, dude with the beard) while he explains the Star Killer (alsomentioned in the last blog). Even tho she doesn't have a line there hopefully in ep. 8 & 9 she will have a speaking role. It would be nice to have family there.

Rogue One rules with Sing trying to come close but no cigar. As far as the other films there was just too much competition resulting with them canceling each other out. It just screamed Netflix!
And again Rogue will rule the box office for New Years. The shame is like Paul Walker's passing after finishing Fast Furious 7 that boosted the box office the same will happen with Rogue One. Not to sound cynical but that is the way people are. This will also help boost SW Episode 8 sorry to say. Human Nature.

This was announced last Friday. While this is great news, minus the double dippin again, it does take a different tone considering the bad news. It does not mention which version they remastered tho. And why was this never re-released in 3D is beyond me.

Like the 3 view fx featurette I included last year from The Force Awakens that was Not on the BR, why wasn't this included on any edition in the home release. And this is a reference to the Rogue One edition if we are going to get any deleted scenes from the 3rd act that was seen in the trailers but not in the final version of the movie. Or maybe a Directors cut like BvsS (minus Superman footage) or Suicide Squad version that still left most of Jokers scenes out of the home release. What a mess.
Trivia: So why include this link? There is a connection to Rogue One and Superman 2. More on the Radio Show this week.

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