Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rogue One Vs Box Office Newbies

Radio show coming next week so fans can catch up with Rogue One as there will be spoilers. Live on MNN, last show of the year, now playing on YouTube. New video and article added in the bonus section at the bottom of links.

What a shame, on her book tour at of all things. Which I reviewed on our Youtube show. Good read.
Nice pictures throughout the article sent by family and friends. Wishing her the best recovery.
The Force is strong. Looks like the repeats are already kicking in with all those easter eggs to check out. There was plenty of them including references to Rebels and Clone Wars thrown in which I didn't expect. Great time at the cinema. I skipped the 3D, Some scenes would have been to dark to see.

Spoiler: So Gareth did want some to live at the ending. Hence that contract sing by Jones to do another Star Wars. And the third act had the most changes that why we don't see that Tie Fighter on that plank with Jones. My question is how much of the deleted scenes are we going to see on the BR.
Updated with Variety report on Box Office Counts. Will Rogue keep Sing from being No. 1? We will find out soon enough. Those Minions guys are no joke. Go see Rogue One again. I did.
From yesterday's report. This is where the fanboys do the repeats to keep it at No. 1. I agree with this article. The only competition is the animated Sing. The same guys behind Pets and Minion. Ouch. Talk about a powerhouse. And remember Trolls did huge with old songs sung by new characters. That chemistry works.  Either way the force should be strong this holiday weekend.
$7 Billion World Wide for the year. Can Disney get any bigger? Oh hell year. If they start going after other properties like they did with Star Wars, the other studios will be so screwed. The beginning of the end? It can happen. Look what Disney did with Spiderman Home Coming, a Sony owned property.
Man, that would have been the biggest mistake in his career as this is his biggest film up to this point. Can it get any bigger. Yeah when he comes back as a ghost in Ch. 9 or some other spinoff. Remember he was one with the force before he died. oops spoiler! lol.
Now who's having last laugh. While the nays were complaining about his performance in the movie, he gets to be on Rebels to continue with the character. Someobyd out there is going "Whaaaaaa.."
For those who complained about the CGI actors in Rogue, get a load of this. A young DeNiro and Pacino? Bring it on. The new shtick Hollywood is going to milk to death.
Sure he would LOVE to comeback to this since his latest movie completely tanked at the B.O. lol.Wow does that sound desperate or what, lol.
I really question this. Besides the top 5  the others don't even belong on this list. Well maybe Mag 7 but Squad at No. 1? Heck no. What a strange list.

Bonus :
Rogue One Spoilers and Easter Eggs. I'm putting these here in case you haven't seen the movie as I will be referencing  these for the radio show.
Movieweb did a great job with this one.  14 pages in all. Great way to kill a lunch hour. The one that surprised me was page 4 where The 3D vector graphic is mentioned.  And of course the famous Wilhelm scream. on page 9. Total classic. Includes pictures all related to the topics listed.

So why this one from all the other Easter Eggs Videos posted. At exactly 13:00 Gareth himself mentions his Godzilla movie easter eggs that his crew put into the scene.

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