Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Star Wars Record Breaker

Live on MNN this Saturday . Radio show postpone till next week.. Also new arranged links.
I can't believe there's now scroll. They said  it would be too long. We all know the story already, What long scroll. Talk about screwing with tradition. And who's idea was this anyhow?

So it's the second highest pre-sales of all time. And probably the biggest money maker of the year unless it's Phantom Menace bad. But no matter, Disney is still going to make stupid money.
Talk about stupid money, this is one lucky guy to be at the right time and place. I met Gilroy at the Apple Store a few years ago. Simple hello but was a nice guy. Whatever problems the picture had he was the right person to fix this. If this tanks (yeah right) it would be because to many chefs in the kitchen and not enought cooks, if you know what I mean.
If there's one actor who deserves a second chance in this franchise is Ewan. He  pulled off such an econic character and made it is own despite how aweful those scripts were in the Manace trilogy. Well looks like he is going to get his wish as he was pushing for this for the longest. Unlike the Han Solo, doing the recast aka Star Trek.  Lets face it as good as that cast is the shtick is getting tiring.
I always loved this game no matter how simple of an idea it was. (We wonder why Frank).
But read the last paragraph about how many Giant Monsters flix are coming out. Compare with Comic Book Heros we Monster fans are not getting enough. And seeing cities getting flattened to ruble never gets tired!
Having Doug Jones from Hellboy fame (Strain sucks) really got me curious. And what else but an alien. Now this could get interesting even tho the whole concept is really lazy. But who will be the main star. Hopefully not a miscast like Lost in Space. Don't get started.
Read between the lines bull crap. comparing this to Games of Thrones. Talk about brainwashing an audience. I know people already tuning out of this show. Let's face it, this mishmash is nowhere like the movie. And when are they going to start showing the other world's like Roman World. The day Thandie stops taking her clothes off is the day I stop watching. "Nothing to see here, move it along."

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