Monday, December 12, 2016

Star Wars: Rogue One Premiere

Live on MNN this Saturday with our Rogue One special will be our last show for the year.
We got renewed and will be back in January. Announcement now playing on Blog Talk Radio.
While they critics are not allow to post anything till Wednesday, the audience has posted on social sites and for the most part really enjoyed it. I hope they're right and not caught up in the moment.
This has pics from the red carpet and people's twits with photos inside the party.
More on the premiere with 99 photos with the cast and guests. You know, the lucky ones.
Well Moana had a good run and at least it beat that dumb Xmas Party movie. But it's all over now with Rogue One around the corner.
Simple: Logan tanks big time opening weekend. And worse box office than the first two movies. And forget trilogy box set on Blu-ray. Who would want that? Then you'll see this movie. It also doesn't hurt that Reynolds just got a Golden Globe nod for Best Actor in a Comedy. Um, Deadpool gets burn to a crisp and they call that a comedy. Go figure. But a nod is a nod.

3 Klingons added to the cast. Smart move since you cannever tired of those guys. Something JJ promised for the reboot movies but we just got the tease in the second movie. Shame.
What's with the submarine? Since when The Furious go 007 Bond on us? Well it was bound to happen. Heck does the story really matter anymore? Just give us a lot of action and crashes and we're good.
How the heck did Arrival get on this list? This is the most over rated movie of the year. It's not bad but it ain't all that for crying out loud. But 3 of my favs did make the list. Hacksaw Ridge, Sully and Hell or High Water, Jeff Bridges deserves an Oscar nod for Supporting Actor.  The others? Well no major hurry to see depressing movies for the holidays. Sorry Manchester by the Sea.

Surprise: Sully completely shut out but Mel Gibson wins massive nods for being a darkhorse. But it already looks like automatic wins when it comes down to Oscars. See below.
Well it looks like both La La Land and Moonlight will fight for Best Pic, Director, Screenplay. Portman for Actress and Affleck for Actor. Well so much for the Oscars.

2nd Bonus:
Mel's very underrated picture is a must see: This is the making of "Apocalypto".

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