Monday, December 19, 2016

Rogue One Number One Box Office

New Radio coming this week: Rogue One review with trivia, eggs and spoilers! LOL. 4 out of 5!
Off to a great start. While some are not to happy with this film (what are they thinking) The Force
is strong with this prequel. Loved the movie, way better than Force Awakens. The only thing was the ending. Some don't make it. I would loved to see some these characters come back. Oh wait a second. One did say "you will see me again" Yes! (that's why I chose the pic above, nudge nudge wink wink)
Spoilers: All about using CGI with real actors to produce classic actors. Don't these writers play video games. That's what they look liked which was fine with me. And that thing about they don't look real enough. It's Science Fiction for crying out loud. A galaxy far way. Hello!
Ps includes video on the Star Wars timeline including the Han Solo and how that fits in the grand plan of things.
So Rogue One made the top 10 to be nominated considering all the fuss about the CGI. Ironic ain't it?
What is the beef with Forest Whitaker. It was the actors take on the character as an older Gerrera.
I was so glad he was in this. An Oscar winner who doesn't get the credit he deserves. See Samurai Dog. Excellent performance!
Interesting in the making of the Logo after all this time. But the last thing you think of is Facist.
Both Wall and Hacksaw Ridge are dong great in China. This is the competition that Rogue One, a picture that Gareth molded after War Pictures filled with fantasy elements. Yikes that is close. Remember China was kind to Force Awakens. Maybe this will change their minds.
Sorry but he still looks like Han Solo holding that gun. And I just can't see Grosling in this.

Picture taken again at Lincoln Square Theatre, NYC. That dude would not move for nothing. lol.

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