Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Rogue One No. 1 for 2016

 New Radio Show coming tomorrow: Rogue One Box Office Review.  Last 2016 Radio Show now playing: Holiday Movie reviews, Fisher Tribute and Rogue One coverage with Superman 2 mention.

Having Woody Harrison is much of a stretch after doing Hunger Games but  Bale would be too much of a stretch. What was he going to do. Yell at Han solo like he did with crew members on the Terminator movie?

Well Rogue One is going to be the No.1 for 2016 by the end of the week. It will also hit the Top 10 for all time domestic gross. So the only thing left is the top of all time World Wide. It still needs to break the top 50 which it will do eventually. But  even after it opens in China next week we still have the rest of the month to get an idea how where in the top 50 it's going to land..

Look who mentions Superman 2 Donner Cut at the bottom of the article. A little late guys. Or who's reading whom? And of course no mention of Supervising Editor Stuart Baird. With Disney behind this you really think there won't be an Edwards cut? Of course they will, it will take a while when they milk with Special edition, 3D version, 4K...anything left? Yeah! Directors cut. Don't believe them. They spent a lot of money on the reshoots not to have this happen. Remember Lucas Special Editions saying you'll never see the original prints since they were altered? Then a few years later both special ed and original were release as a double package. (I showed New Hope DVD on our last show on YT). And how many times Disney release their dvd/br Platinum editions? They just don't t dimished the Box Office right now so fans will just go back for repeats. But Edwards edition it's out there some where.

Another article with them being very vague on what scenes were added and cut. Just look at the first two trailers. All those scenes were the ones cut. (thx IMDB) Also in the Novel the Tie Fighter at the plank is still in there. Most of the book tho with from the re-writes. (reading that now) As for added scenes? Again look at the trailers. The whole attack of the beach (waterfront) is missing with Jyn and Cassian running. So not so much what was added but what was cut out. These sneaky editors, lol.

Instead of the summer now it looks like this is going to be release for the winter Holiday season. So it looks like all the rest of the films are going this way. Makes sense, there's no competition in January compare to the summer as you can see with Rogue One. And now that Rogue has proven itself as a huge hit Disney will go all out with it's solo movies, spinoffs, etc. It's all good.

Just before midnight New Years, the Grim Reaper had to take one more. Ironically an actor who played a priest. How strange. Christoper was of course was in the final episode which goes down in history as the most watch tv show ever.

Most pirated? Then how the hell did it make this much money? I still say this is Hollywood making excuses on putting out bad product. Even with great product making money aka Captain America with over $1B their still crying the blues. But that's not going to stop with Reynolds trying to make that Wolverine/Deadpool movie. Which will happen if Logan tanks.

While I love this franchise just to see the old gang back, is anyone really asking for this? gotta give Stallone credit going against the wind with Superheroes replacing these guys. It's a shame since you really don't have a new generation replacing them with old fashion mano a mano style.

Well this is funny. Alien Covenant was one of his worst movies. Just a remake of the first Alien. And wasn't the sequel suppose to continue the story about "The Engineers"? They dropped that like a hot potatoe and got back to business with the Aliens. I love most of his movies but isn't that kind of hypocritical?

Bonus: For those who didn't think I was a Star Wars or Batman fan plus a item tv from the 1960's which is getting a reboot. Can you spot it? Taken back in 2006 in the old house. They been boxed up since.

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