Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hey It's Kong!

No Live on MNN this weekend. Radio show coming soon.
Finally we get to see the big guy.. Great news is that we don't have to wait almost 2 hours to see "the monster" like other movies including Godzilla 2014. But they don't mention how big he is if the 2 big icons are going to match up.
Here was the problem with the first film. It was too bloated. Subplots about people we couldn't care less about. Keep it simple and just have the robots fight the Kaiju while keeping the film short. As far as the title how about "Robotos Kick Kaiju Ass" who the hell cares about the title, just get the damn thing made already. Now if they can tie this up with Godzilla and King Kong that would be one hell of a franchise.
Well it's about time we get The Vulture and for Keaton. After both Ben Kingsley and John Malkovich tried those outfits and the previous movies never getting made, you wonder why was it so hard to get this character onto the big screen. Oh yeah, I forgot. Suits running Hollywood. Which brings me to...
Suits who have no idea how to handle one of their great properties. It's more like a joke really. Maybe if they talked to  Kevin Fiege they can figure things out, lol. Nope not with their egos like that's going to happen.
This guy can act and he deserves that Oscar. But lets face it, Star Wars is not about great acting. At this point does it matter who acts in these things And I still don't like that Kylo Ren character anyways. Talk about a spoiled brat.
This doesn't make any sense. Why do a three when most agree the second film wasn't all that, bit a of stretch with everything, and didn't do all that well at the boxoffice. Talk about not letting go of a franchise.
How much can a mafia crime series cost. Well a lot apparently. This is crazy money but they got Oscar winners in this and that makes a difference. And lets face it, this is where Deniro belongs instead of those quick cash ins that he's been doing lately. Another Soprano in the cards? Lets see.

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