Monday, November 07, 2016

Doctor Strange No. 1

New Blog Talk Radio coming this week. Live on MNN now playing on YouTube.
On track with $85M. Next two weeks is going to matter if it can hold its own with Arrival next weekend then Beasts the week after that. On ething for sure they will all clean up on Thanksgiving weekend for those who haven't seen these yet. Here's hoping for Mel Gibson for his war flick.
Cool  minute video with some easter eggs. Already there is some deleted scenes by the directors mention. I love what he says at the end. Marvel are artists. Not like some other money hungry studios. Pick one, lol.
Spoilers on the future of the MCU story line. Good interview even tho rather short.
While this is business as usual with reshoots on big productions, I love the zingers when they mention Suicide Sqaud and Rogue One. ouch, lol.
While a lot of films are being mentioned for Oscar aka Brad Pitts WW2 flick, it looke like hands down for Denzel as the leading Nomination for Best Picture. Lets face it, just a few week and there's nothing out there so why not.
This was one of my choices for best Halloween movies on our live show highlighting the 90 minute doumentary recently done for the Blu-ray edition. Is a remake necessary? Daddy Landis did right it the first time. Why?

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