Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Huge Box Office Holidays

New Radio shows coming soon. No Live on MNN this weekend, just two shows left with that.
Will The Rock aka Johnson break the $80 mark? Well it's got no competition. Bad Santa 1 wasn't all that and nobody was asking for this. Both Rules and Apply is something saved for Netflix. But where will Fantastic Beasts land? Will it have it's repeats from the Potter fans or get crush by The Rock.
Once was enough for me:
Fantastic Beasts Review: 2 out of 5, With all those special effects and colorful creatures, I was so bored to death with this that I couldn't wait for the movie to end. It crawled like a snail. And when that twist at the end with a certain cameo didn't help matters. Wow, big deal. I saw this cause the creatures reminded me of Ray Harryhausen's work. He was a genius. This was a disapointment.
Great opening and again no big competition but the secret here will it have repeat business. That be a killer if the film opens to really bad reviews. From the fans that is, critics don't count here. If the fans give this a big WTF, there goes the box office.
Now we're talking. This should be a lot of fun. That crossover with Flash and Supergirl was a good one. And of course Arrow had it's crossovers but now we got Legends of Tomorrow thrown into the mix. And Legends needs the boost as it's not doing too good with the ratings like the other shows.
Director says "It won't be a CG F*kathon" Nope it sure won't. But it'll be a Fking trainwreck of a script tho. That trailer sucks to no end. If there's one reason to reboot a Wolverine trilogy is hoping they can write a good script and get it right the next time.
While casting Yeoh is cool, I still can't help this is not going to help the show much. The whole going backwards in the timeline is just plain boring. It's about the future which this show won't have.
"To boldly go where we've been before" uggh.
Talk about good Trek of old. Great article with interviews on the making of the movie. Interesting pictures with the Borg Queen and the make up process.This should have been put on the blu-ray for the anniversary edition.
Oh hell no! This is just plain wrong. It's all about him and that robot trading insults. Here is some executive thinking he's a genius and pulls a female Ghostbusters. Actually the whole thing is miscast. Remember when they made Starbuck a female and that show sucked! Well so much for this reboot.
Movie or TV (you notice the theme on today's blog) this is one title nobody can get right. And they still won't get it right. The books are just too massive and too many characters. This is one title that should be left alone. But nope they won't listen. The last train wreck for the day. I'm done.

This Friday, ff some of you get this channel, it's going to be Beast day with 3 Godzilla movies back to back starting at 6pm with GZ vs Mothra with Battra, GZ vs Destoroyah (that's how they spell it, lol) and last GZ vs Mechagodzilla 2002 Hensei series.

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