Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Doctor Strange Still No. 1

New Live on MNN this Saturday at  pm. Blog Talk Radio show before that.

Well the Doc lasted pretty damn good for two weekends in a roll but he'll be no match for The Beast this coming Friday. Those Potter fans are just too damn faithful to the franchise, Lucky Eddie for sure. Check out the little mini-video with stats for the weekend.

Interview with the SFX crew but doesn't include any video with green screen techniques which could have use it. But still a good article for you die hards.

Interesting comparison between the comic and the show. But I can't wait to see Negan get it. The character is so annoying. Shame that Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn't do better after The Watchmen, such a great actor even tho he had just a cameo in BvsS, whats up with that?

Don't let theose numbers fool you. It's lower than the usual ratings compare to other shows. Again trying to save face. Why delay then to 2018. More script problems. And the big clue actor Ed Harris is only up for 2 seasons playing The Gunman in Black, the big highlight in the movie version played by Yul Brynner. This got started off the wrong foot to begin with and should go by the way of Vinyl, another stinker which mercifully got canceled after one season. Wow that show was awful.

This made no sense whatsoever. Killing a franchise even before you got to a trilogy. And we all know Nic Cage could have used this for his career. He's got way to many straight to home releases on the market and could have used a theatre release to keep things going. Just strange.

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