Thursday, November 17, 2016

Kong. King Kong. Big Kong.

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Mini-Reviews: Hacksaw Ridge: 4, Arrival: 3
Finally we get the answers to most of our questions.. Mainly how big is the big guy compare to Godzilla? Since the big tag line is "From the Producers of Godzilla" I think we know where this is going. But I decided to post this one picture to headline today's blog. "Size does matter."
PS: There is still a big going argument about the match up in size. Look at the Toho film of KK vs. Godzilla. GZ does tower over KK. But the match was not a automatic wipe out, was it? Hee Hee.
The trailer broke down thru lots of screen shots. While all good but lets face it, why so many of the actors like they matter? If Tom is not Loki does it matter? It all comes down to Kong and the creatures doesn't it? Uh Uh. I can see Samuel reading this blog:
"Like the muthafkers actors don't matter? Who the fk think furankisan think he is, that muthafker"
Duh! Well this is a no brainer. And already this grossed over $200M world wide. After this, there is really nothing to challenge the box office until Rogue One. But for the Thanksgiving weekend, who ever is still in the top 10 will all cash in next weekend until Star Wars.
This will be one of the many extras that will be on the Home Release (previously known as dvd/Blu-ray release). But one thing Marvel are known for is giving you more extras than DC. Ouch! Come on, 6 different versions of Suicide Squad and all we get is a few minutes of extra scenes?
Well this makes sense. Look at the recent release of Cape Crusaders Animation and that Pizza scene which is a homage to The Stamp Scene in the Batman series '66 featuring Hornet and Kato. Something we mentioned on our live show a few weeks ago and now they wake up and go ahead with this? umm...

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