Monday, September 26, 2016

Magnificent 7 is No. 1

Live on MNN video included below links. New Fall Preview radio show now playing. Fall preview part 2 coming soon. Magnificent 7 review coming soon on the radio show. 4 out of 5 without spoilers.$35m-932339
As I said on the Live show, Mag 7 is The biggest opening western of all time. Contrary to the article which states that Rango with Cowboy & Aliens are the two leading openers, Rango is an animated picture with a Gekko as the leading character in a western setting. Not a official western. And anything with Aliens is automatically a Sci-Fi flix. western setting or not. So Congrats to Denzal for having the biggest western opener of all time. So there....
While not one of the best superhero movies, we all know there's a great movie in there somewhere until they butchered the movie in the editing process. What a mess. 6 different versions no less. While we have to wait what we get when it gets a home release, they should go ahead with a sequel> How can it be worst. Hmn but then again with studios....But Harley gets the green light before Squad So what does that tell you.
Wow, they're not taking any chances considering his age it seems. But the one cameo he should have done is Infinity War but there will come a time there will be no more cameos. That's life. But if one thing they could wrap up is the multi-endinsg with the end credits. Who waits for them anymore? These movies are long enough as it is.
I remember watching his films when I was young and they were way out there.. Now a days they just remind you how much Eli Roth and others just try to do out do him by filming over the top scenes for schock. But he was the first one to push the envelope in horror movies and the others followed through the years.

Note: We are usually kicked out at 5:30 so the next show can go live. This time we got a break and stayed in the studio for an extra 10 minutes for more movie talk. If you saw the show you can fast forward 25 minutes into it. And thanks for watching.

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