Monday, September 19, 2016

Sully Vs Mag 7 For Next Weekend.

I did manage to do a new test run for Blog Talk Radio. Hopefully a new radio show this week.
Then back to Live on MNN this Saturday.
Surprised? Not a bit. This includes a video with trivia on the box office take. Now the question is will Denzal and Western remake take on Sully for a win? Ironic: Would a remake beat Clint at a genre that made him famous in the first place.
Wow that's an expense price tag for a show. And all these music shows are tanking big time like Vinyl, Roadies and others. But check out the numbers of other shows in the fourth paragraph. Mind boggling.
AS some of you know I grew up with this show. And while I think the movie remake just plain suck to hell, I'm glad this is going back to tv/cable/internet/whatever. And while Russell is cute as cheeks shouldn't they have started with the parents and have the rest of the family match the looks? NOt a big deal, as I'm looking forward to this any which way.

Emmy Awards Bonus:
This had some funny momments and Kimmel was good at doing this. Damon coming out and dissing Kimmel was that highlight if you follow the feud they have on Kimmels show. But it doesn't look like he's coming back......
Never go up against football. You don't see that happening with the Oscars then, of course football is over by then. What a coincidence. But it's too predictable. What Thrones win again? Naaaaaaaaa..
Total class with a sense of humour added to it. Way to go Dame Maggie.

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