Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sully No. 1 For Another Weekend?

I did a test tun earlier and it just didn't play. Sorry about. Hopefully we'll get it up and running by next week. No other shows are scheduled for this weekend.

Mini-Review: Sully: 4 out of 5. Good start for the fall season. Hanks should get an Oscar nod for this one. Clint pulls off an interesting story considering we know how everything turns out. And for 90 minutes this packs a lot of info and never a dull minute instead of those other long ass films. Yoou which ones, lol.
So who is going to beat Sully? No one.With sequels that nobody asked for and who's that dude Snowden, Hanks and Clint should have no problem staying No. 1. But then again Horror has had a good year so it might be close.
Wait a second. We have to wait till May because of the Special Effects are not ready. How many times have we heard that, meaning we have to go back and fix things cause the product sucks the way it is. How are they kidding. And they need to hook it up with Good Wife to get a ratings jump. Who the hell ask for a spin off to that show anyways. It this shows CBS has no faith in the show. Not a good sign.
While this is great news, something they should have done in the pirst place, what happened to Suicide Squad 2? No mention what so ever. Again the studio has no faith in the franchise. While it is grossing over $700M the overblown budget was of no help. And it still has to open in China where it was good to F7 and Pacific Rim and not to Star Wars and BvsS. Umm..
Speaking of which...Great news that this is going ahead while other projects are on hold for not even mention aka Squad and X-Men (TV series don't count, lol).
And speaking of tv, lol...Great clips featuring the individual characters. Sorry this is more interesting than AGents of Shield by a mile. And surprisely that show is still on.

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