Thursday, September 22, 2016

Magnificent 7 Rides The Box Office

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7 and The Storks will this weekend. Well Sully had a good run but let's see if people want to see another remake and of course most of the animated films this year had a good run, but Storks has been mostly a low profile with the advertisements and marketing. Well at least we can say goodbye that Blair Witch crap which earns the title of the Worst Picture of the Year.
Mini-Review: Blair Witch: 0 Zero!!! out of 5. Nothing good to say about this waste of time.
"Won't be as successful as The Force Awakens"  This is the last thing you say to the public if you want a hit. It's obvious that their not happy with the final product and preparing themselves for a wipe out. And this is Disney we're talking about.
No shit. Again the studio talking to investors (kissing their ass) to save their jobs by promising better movies and lighter ones. Well maybe if they did their job right the first time this wouldn't happen, you think? And how much do these suits get paid to begin with?
This is my favorite one for the day. Writer and Director change the script so much it effected the budget and everything else. So what does Executive Producer Spielberg do? Fire the fuckers and start from scratch. Now that's funny.
This one gets written off even before being released, Doesn't help matters that the film is already 2 years old. You notice a pattern here with the above articles. Maybe the studios are better off having the patients run the Asylum. Headless suits making very bad decisions and their wondering why their jobs are on the line.
As a hard core fan of the original series, I still don't see this casting as the right one. But no matter, it all comes down to the role of Dr. Smith and that damn lovable Robot B9.(Danger Danger Will Robinson). But here is the kicker, what demons are we talking about...aka stated in next article?
"Their own personal demons" ??? Holy crap!!! That is what sank the movie remake! They are supposed to be the perfect team to go into space..

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