Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sully No. 1 For The Week

Live on MNN now playing, new radio show on the next blog set for Thursday.

$35M plus is a great start for a September film. Question is will it hang in there for next weekend.
And all bets are for Hanks to get an Oscar nod. He should have gotten one for Captain Philips.

What cracks me up is that even the last JW made so much money, it still has it haters. But what makes the difference? The story is just a setup to see the dinosaurs in action and people worry about the scripts all suck. Really? Does it matter by this point?

The big deal is not with Craig but with MGM deal with Sony to release Bond films is over. Now any other studio could take over the franchise. This is what to watch for, who the next Bond film at this point could be anyone. And with Sony's track record lately maybe The Mouse is paying attention, lol.

They've been talking about this for years and finally their getting someone to do this. But another remake? Uncle Lloyd (Kaufman) got quite a bashing from Troma fans about this, and while I liked Sausage Party, it was just way over the top with nasty language for the sake of nasty language. This is what Toxie does not need. Hm did I just sound like a Troma fan?

Note: Due to workload again this week, just another blog will be posted this week. Sorry about that.

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