Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zombie Double Feature Review

Zombie lovers rejoice! Looking for something this weekend as a double feature?
One obvious and the other needs the boost.

World War Z: 4 out of 5. See the  Blu-ray edition as it does have the extra 7 minutes of blood shed that
would have given this a R rating and is worth it. It only has an hour of behind the scenes features,
 no commentary and it's obvious scenes were film for the third act that included Russia but discarded and these scenes are not included as there is no deleted scenes included. Maybe a double dip in the future to included these features but it does not take away that this plays great at home.

Cockneys Vs. Zombies: 4 out of 5: Imagine a sequel to Shawn of the Dead and the missing piece
to WWZ if they covered England getting attack by Zombies. Some have argued that WWZ unrated
still does have enough graphic violence. Well this makes up for it. Great production, well written and
directed and the actors are into it. Big Time. Senior citizens getting attack at the old age home and
grandma gets a hold  of a AK47 and goes to Town! Blood, gore and british humour. Yes!
Note: Due to time restraints couldn't get to the extra features. This I will make time for.

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