Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friday the 13th Blu-ray Buyer Beware

Please read the reviews on Amazon and judge for yourself if it's worth the upgrade. As for me:
So what some of these were never release on Blu-ray, If you have the original 2004 release
hold on to that especially if you are into behind the scenes features and commentaries.
There's quite a few commentaries are missing, a BIG no-no in my book and while most
of other features have made it unto this release there is nothing new added to this collection.
Also note about that un-rated nonsense, only a few seconds were deleted, it was just a gimmick
that the studio did with the DVD releases to make it feel like you were getting something new.
Trust me as an editor on this one, You are not missing anything, only 5-7 Seconds! were added
to the un-rated version and honestly I don't remember anything special about it. Wow, what a
difference that made. Again, follow all the reviews and judge for yourself. As for myself I never
got the original collection as it wasn't complete as I thought. Now I regret that since everyone
knows I'm huge on commentaries so I'm going back to pick up that collection and this BR can
sit on the shelf until Warner's gets their crap together. What a Milk Cow.

But the one collection to look out for is the new Crystal Lake Memories. Not that I have seen this,
but this reminds me of the Nightmare on Elm Street collection. Great reviews on this one, I think
this will be the one I would pick up and the DVD 2004 collection. But Having seen the Nightmare
Collection which is the ultimate collection on behind the scenes and a great tribute on the Franchise
which I have seen quite a few times, it never gets old, and yes it's in my collection AND from a
1 to 5 in my reviews, this one gets 10! So Hopefully Crystal looks promising. Below is Nightmare link:

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