Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Time for Star Trek To Boldly Go Back to TV


After the release of ST: Into Darkness most fans agree stop rehashing older material and put
ST back on TV, me myself included. Start with a new generation but only 50 years in the future
where some of the older cast members of ST:NG, DS9 and Voyager can all make cameos so
fans can feel some kind of link the that generation who grew up with those shows.
Remember Dr.McCoy on the first year of ST:NG who was over 130 yrs old? 70 yrs old is the
new 50 and so on. So those cameos can be a reality if the next show keeps it in that time frame.

And lets face by going back to TV is going back to it roots, or even better syndication or even
some kind of cable network. But back at home where it all began.
Let's get the Klingon's out of the way for the third movie and forget about that 5 yr mission,
blah blah blah cause all their going to do is repeat what we have seen before anyways.
You know, playing it safe like all these movie franchises. And I was looking for the Cardassians
on the big screen. Oh well, screw it. Let the next Enterprise deal with them on the tube.

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