Saturday, September 07, 2013

Truth behind The Great Gatsby

Note: Fast forward 20 min. into the show for that  particular segment.
The Great Gatsby: The soundtrack and the real truth. How Kwame was ask to produce the soundtrack
and 3 months before release his score was replace by Jay-Z Productions.
I find this to be a nightmare for any composer out there but this gentleman presents this story in a very
professional manner as a matter of fact. Him being a New Yorker, Jay-Z being a NY and me being a NY.
The only difference I wouldn't be bullied to be on the sidelines and would have bitch like Samuel Jackson
about the backstabbing. But this has happened to people like Randy Newman and others. But here is a great example how the business works for anyone who wants to get into this crazy business.

I thought I lost this link a few months ago as this is an old conversation but finally found it as this will be
one of many topics on our BIG DVD/BR review show. Over 50 films to review and counting.

PS Special thanks to "The Quiet Storm" on Blog Talk Radio and Kwame for the interview.

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