Friday, September 06, 2013

Ironic, the very same people complaining about Hollywood happen to be the biggest money makers
using the same system. Then they wonder why the public couldn't give a rat's ass when the industry
starts their whining about losing money and how expensive these movies costs to make and....
blah blah blah blah.......

And after personally going to movies on premiere weekends at Major Theater chains in NYC and
seeing mostly empty seats, it tells a reflection on people tastes of just staying home and watching
cable or whatever medium at their leisurely and at their disposal.

Note: As said before, even through I do get invited to previews, sometimes free passes, I am
not a professional paid critic but I see things as a movie fan as taking the kids on the weekends
or hanging with the guys to see our favorite action, horror or whatever the genre happens to be.
If the studios stop looking at the numbers on those sheets and actually get off their asses and
walk into one these cinemas they can see the damage they have done.

But like the music business they know everything and refuse to listen like stubborn mules.
Oh well, like spoiled brats they got it all and still complain....

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