Monday, September 02, 2013

Pacific Rim International Box Office Hit

It took a while but PR finally has crossed over the $100M in the US and $400M internationally.
This was the film that didn't "Track" well but nobody saw that Lone Ranger was going to tank
internationally. Ha Ha. Now where the hell is the Green Light for the Pacific Rim sequel.

Unless theyare waiting for the Blu-ray sales which is what happened to Kick Ass and
Percy Jackson. Wile both did ok when first released they both had huge sales on Discs.
Time will tell. I know many of us are waiting for this.

In the meantime our last show No. 4 Live on MNN had to be taken down due to copyright
problem when I opened the show with a You Tube video on the show. Try to plug and help
another show I get purnished. Fine. See what happens next time, lol.
Anyway I will have to edit the show which will take time and rather get to the next show
on Blog Talk Radio which will be this week as a lot of Home DVDs are coming out tomorrow.
So a lot will be reviewed.

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