Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back Live on Sept. 25 on Blog Talk Radio

I had such a blast with special guest David Skolnick whom I met on one of community pages
"To Catch A Movie" that I asked him to join me for our Best and Worst of 2001 Pt. 1.
The Big Emmy Show was a test we did on Monday as we found we still had some damn
problem with the sound that's been haunting us for months. But for some strange reason
The Radio Gods were with us and besides some tiny dropouts the show came out great,
compare to some earlier shows. We did live and so glad it came out they way it did
we are going with Wednesday show as scheduled as you notice I'be been postponing
the show due to that sound problem.
One more show in the can live then we going to open the chat room and phones and
really kick zombie ass for our October Monster Fest Month.
Thanks for listening and for stopping by.

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