Thursday, August 29, 2013

Vin Diesel Hollywood Walk Hall of Fame

Just a quick note since I will be doing my live show this weekend on Saturday at 5 pm, with me holding up the latest copy of  Variety magazine with Vin on the cover.

Does he deserve it? um lets see: FF6 with World Wide Box Office at $786M this year.
Something that Superman couldn't achieve. PS without the 3D gimmick. LOL.
So with sequel No.6 and going back to his roots with the Riddick Franchise, good for him.

Note: Besides justifying his acting roots with Saving Private Ryan and Iron Giant voice over,
Check out his performance in "Boiler Room'. We had a video clip on our You Tube page
and was forced to take it down. Anybody asks, just show this film. The man can ACT!

And last my not lease 3 cool facts of being honest and grounded for what he is.
And he's got a gig in the Marvel Universe. Oh no! double snap to the DC Universe!

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