Friday, August 02, 2013

The Future of Movies Article

As predicted by Roger Corman in one of his DVD commentaries (Sharktopus 2010) who said the future of movies will be on the internet and as above saying it's going to VOD.
Regardless what the next format it's going to take, is anyone going to tune in if Hollywood still giving us
the same overblown garbage it has been giving us the past few years.
Give me Sharknado sequels 2,3,4, least I know what I'm getting. Cheap cheesy fun..

Reminder, I'm waiting for the numbers for Pacific Rim from China to do the Premiere show.
Which will be next week just in time for Percy Jackson that celebrates the greek mythology
that Ray Harryhausen was so fond of aka Clash of the Titans.

Del Toro in the documentary of RH: Special Effects Titan he states how much of an influence RH was
by showing the clip of Hellboy 2, showing the Giant Plant sequence.

So you have Harryhausen, Del Toro, Rim, Godzilla and lets not leave King Kong out since he's
celebrating 80 years this year. It's going to be great Monster Month for August.

Saturday Aug. 3 at 5 pm on ch. 56 on
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