Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mini Reviews

Pain and Gain: 4 -  When Bay wants to tell a story he can and doesn't need $200m to do it.
Based on a true story both Johnson and Wahlberg do a great job with the story.

Great Gatsby: 1 -  No fault to Leo or anybody else but too much green screen but they did get
the NY feel but mainly I read the book, horrible, and the Robert Redford Version had to be one
of most boring experiences ever at the movies. Sorry 2013 Gats, guilty by association.

Killing Season: 2 - What was killing me was Travolta's accent. I was waiting for Sasha Cohen character's
from the "The Dictator" to come out and say "You talking to me?" De Niro does a good job trying
to save the film considering this was suppose to have Nic Cage do the part. Maybe he felt he couldn't
compete with an "over the top" on  Travolta's performance, lol

Muppet Movie: 5 - Still the best of all the Muppet movies but Christmas Carol also gets a 5.
Note: Rainbow Connection song should have won the Oscar for the best song that year but didn't.
"Lousy Human Bastards!"

Devils Backbone: 3 - Criterion Collection: The original creepy ghost story compare to Mama from
earlier this year. All features from original dvd are here plus new 1 hour set of interviews. But my
favorite is his commentary on how he shot this on a very limited budget. Beginning signs for a great

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