Saturday, August 24, 2013

And the Bashing Begins....

Talk about the Hype bandwagon at full speed. Warner's needed to push that button because of the
poor performance of Men of Steel and mostly the hype  that failed on it's owned expectations.
When Sups vs. Bats was announced I even said "who they hell cares" on the shows.
I couldn't care less. Until now.This was what was needed to rock the boat.

I remember when Keaton was announced and the war cry went out "Mr. Moms"?!!!
Personally I thought Beetlejuice sucked and was overrated but Burton, overrated and for ruining
Planet of the Apes remake, thought it was a good idea to put Keaton as Batman who I thought
sucked as Batman and still do. Only Jack Nicholson as the Joker was the saving grace to that film.

I'm behind Affleck as Batman and should put some guts into the movie as Carvill was as exciting
as an door knob on a broom closet with a personality to go with it.
Then again I never really blame the actors in these comic book movies as most of the time
the directing and the writing are just whack to begin with.
Only when old masters like Crowe can come in and play Sups father that they can put some
fun into the action but when Shannon playing Zod can't do much with his material, well then
it's back to blaming the writing as the Men of Steel was pretty much a mess.
Look at DareDevil, Affleck did the best he could, again blame the material. He did the best
he could and wasn't given credit for that. Instead he got blamed on the material himself.

With Affleck on board this will help the film internationally as the posters will say
With Academy Award Winner Ben Affleck which does help sales a lot even tho'
we snicker as that Banner since most Americans think the Oscars is a joke but
even people like me like to put their bets on whose going to win.
Which I most say I been having a good track record myself with the winners.
(See my Oscar blog earlier this year for that, yes I had to brag, lol).

Well more to say on this and more on the next show.

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