Friday, August 23, 2013

Holy Surprise Batman! Affleck?

Nobody saw this coming but it makes sense, besides Daredevil bombing.
In the book which I mentioned on the show, Superman vs. Hollywood by Jake Rossen
there's a chapter in which Affleck did a movie called Hollywoodland
in which he portrayed Geroge Reeves who of course played Superman
in the Black and White TV series.
Talk about coming full circle. I love this idea. Better than Ryan Gosling (can't act)
Josh Brolin (too gruffy).
While Bale would have made sense they are going in a different direction but still
needed a friendly face that audiences could relate to and who better than an Oscar
winner like Affleck. I'm behind this 100% until Warner's and Zack change their mind.

Check out the twitter's below the article. Already people are taking their shots even
mentioning J Lo to "topedo the whole thing"....ouch..

Had to add this at the last minute cause it sure blew my mind. I knew what No. 1 was but not some of the others especially the women and Nic Cage for Ghost Rider!

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