Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mini Reviews Part 2

Oblivion: 3 - While the movie had a cool feel, it sure wasn't original. There is a point of paying homage and a fine line of ripping off ideas when you run out of your own. The commentary, which was fine by director and Cruise on a technical level, refused to acknowledge its inspirations while in the making of the director confesses to. A seperated track for the Isolated score reveals they actually didn't write that much music as it repeats itself way to many times for my taste. 5 features behind the scenes ok, they tried but what a let down.

Percy Jackson: 2 - We get different locations, Giant mechanical bull, 3 blind witches aka Clash of the Titans, Captain of Firefly?, Sea horse dragon, cyclops, and a big fire demon aka Remake Clash Titans 2.
They meant well but fell short of its goal. Open ending for a sequel. Time to wrap it up.

Lovelace: 2 - Story of porn star Linda Lovelace. Besides Amanda going topless at the beginning it goes soap opera and misses a lot of other details on her life and the ending is a complete rush. Both ladies deserved better.

Jobs: 2 - Ok depending on your point of view Jobs was God or a Prick. All I know Ashton is lucky to have
2 Half Men comedy show. Instead check out 'Pirates of Silicon Valley' with Noel Wylie "ER" and "Anothny Micheal Hall" much better film about Jobs and Gates. That gets a 4 by the way.

Q: Winged Serpent: 4 - New Blu Ray release. As stated on the last live show this new release
has a new commentary  by Director Larry Cohen. Most the of information he provided the second time
is basically the same. For those curious about the original commentary that was not provided check out our clip on You Tube:

As mentioned on our show, creature was done by David Allen whose was inspired by Ray Harryhausen,
using stop motion techniques. More about this topic on the show.

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