Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Movie Reviews For The New Year

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube. No MNN show this weekend. Radio shwo postpone till next week to announce the Oscar predictions then other movie reviews.

Hidden Figures: 5 out of  5. Great story with an excellent cast all around. Definately a feel good movie.
Patroits Day: 4. Producer Wahlberg should be proud. Wait, is that Supergirl as the terrorist wife?
La La Land: 3. Homage to the old musicals of the day. But best picture? Bit of a stretch.
Fences: 4. The Oscar for best actors belong to Denzel and  Viola Davis. Hands down.
Moonlight: Brave and couragest for its topic. All the actors do a great job. But best picture?
Underworld: ZERO!  What they couldn't afford light lulbs? It was hard to see anything. Editing didn't help either. And man somebody loves the color blue. uugghh.
Collateral Beauty: 2; Will Smith needs Bad Boys 3 now. Wow what a misfire. Didn't anyone care in making this? It was not that bad but Lazy comes to mind as the movie is just a total Meh.
Great Wall: 2, Starts of really great, slow middle then gets redundant in the last half hour. Kind of dissapointment, no fault of the cast which try but it runs our of steam by the end.

Ouch. Rogue One tanks in China. Well so much for hitting the top ten of all time International. The final nail in the coffin. And out of all films it was another space opera that takes the no. 1 spot. Ouch.

A better scene at the bar than the others and this gets cut. And how come this wasn't included in the deleted scene section on the blu-ray that also........oh never mind, its a waste of time....

Wow, everything I don't want to see and I'm going to save mucho bucks and less to review. This is so sad, this is what they haven't learn from the past few years. These films are not all that to ask for sequels. But then again anything that makes  a 99 cents profit gets a sequel. So Sad.

I have to admit. The trailer sucked. This movie has no connection with the tv show besides the title. While not a fan of Jump Street I have to admit the second was actually kind of funny and had its moments. Chips Well I'm going to save some money, lol.

having on this show will be great since who knows we are going to see this character on the big screen. And it makes sense with a proto-Joke(?) being involved. But can't wait for Croc, that will be cool. This show just keeps getting better.

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