Monday, January 23, 2017

Rogue One Tops $1 Billion

Updated to include a New Radio Show now playing with Oscar nods and reviews. Live on MNN this Saturday at pm. Please see Oscar updated list below links in Oscar Bonus. Last update for the week.

Update: Mini-reviews:
Silence: 3, Great looking film but way too long but Andrew proves himself again.
XXX: 3, not that bad and a fun ending that Cruise should rip off next time he's on a plane.
Live By Night: 2, Boring. No suspence, thrills, low on action, just one big meh.
Monster Truck: 3, underrated for the little ones. E.T. goes Octupus cute.
Monster Calls: 2, Beware ! Not for the little ones, way to depressing aka The BFG.
Nocturnal Animals: 3, Shannon was great as the sheriff hunting down the bad guys. This would have gotten a 4 if it wasn't for the story within the story was so awful. The Amy Adams part was useless.
While it's simple enough the question is what is Pt. 9 going to be called? "General Leia has gone missing?" How are they going to fix that episode with Carrie Fisher gone especially since they stated they are not going the CGI route.

Rogue One Hits $1Billion according to Box Office Mojo
Well it's about time. But where will it land lasts. It took a while to break the top 40, now it floats around the top thirty. Will it break the top 20? $50M away it should but its slowing down all over so maybe in two weeks we'll find out.
Even tho I had probelms with the first half of BvS, the second half rocked so why is this on the list. Zoolander 2 made my list of crap last year so that belongs here for sure. It's all tongue in cheek with the razzies but there was a lot more crap in 2016 that should be on this list than BvS.
Read the very last line of the article: " who do we have to talk to...." simple. Disney. Just give the properties to them for the very last line and get out of the superhero business. Fox blew it.

Oscar bonus:
It's official: La La Land is the most overrated movie of the year and Deadpool got totally dissed.
But Hidden Figures is in with Octavia Spencer representing Supporting Actor. Good enough.
While Hanks also got dissed, Micheal Shannon got the nod instead of Aaron eh (Quicksilver, Godzilla, yeah him). And Amy Adams did not get a nod, neither should Arrival but another story.
Scorsese "Silence" got Cinematography at least. Denzel and Viola got thier nods.
Mel snuck in as Director for Hacksaw Ridge which got Best Pic nod. Cool.
Both Rogue One and Deep Water Horizon both at least got SFX and Sound nods.
But lets face it, half the nods for Best Picture dont even deserve it,  Arrival..really?

Hidden Figures is in my top 10 foir the year. Great way to start 2017. Nods for both Cookie and Kevin would be sweet.
Scorsese for "Silence" while a bit long he should get recognized for this. Andrew was great in this. Smart move getting rid of Spiderman. PS 3 out of 5. More on the radio show.
Hanks got dissed at the Golden Globes. Hopefully Oscar recognizes this and makes up for dissing him for Captain Philips.
Again: Both Denzel and Viola for Best Actors. Jeff Bridges for Supporting Actor.
Hacksaw Ridge Best Pciture and Director for Mel.
Last but not least: La La Land, Manchester, Moonlight all over rated for Best Picture. My nod?
Deadpool for Best Picture !!!!!!!

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