Saturday, January 07, 2017

Rogue One International Box Office

New Radio Show now playing; Rogue One Intl Box Office. This Blog is posted early due to a heavy workload this coming week. The next blog will be before our first show for the new year next Saturday: Live on MNN.

So Rogue is goin to land at either No. 6 or 7 in the top 10 of all time. As far as the top  it needs another $100M and the picture looks like it's slowing down big time at the B.O. Well at least it beat Phantom Menace in the top 10. But Intl the picture has barely hit the top 40 of all time. But at least it's going at full speed overseas so now it's a matter of a couple of weeks where it will land in the top 20.

It's bad enough that China wasn't very big with Star Wars as the original trilogy was never shown in China on the big screens. And now this whole big pollution thing going on in the country which is affecting everything across the board. Well that doesn't help the box office does it?
In other words they are panicking. While some have taken to the CG used on dead actors and a young Leia, other fans hate the idea. Also her being cut out of the script will be a big sin. Soon we should find out how they are going to screw this up  handle this situation. For more on this CG technique check out the article below.
Cool 7 minute video on behind the scenes with the CG Actors. Once people get used to this they can go ahead with Carrie Fisher on EP. 9. She already gave them the nod for a young Princess Leia so why not. I'm sure her daughter wouldn't mind. And her daughter should the a bigger part with lines in EP 9 while thier at it.
This would be so cool. And why not. She's already has the title. But my question is how come Carrie Fisher didn't have a Walk of Fame in her honor. What's up with that?
Famous picture that was shown all over and never used. That and that damn Tie Fighter on the plank.
No matter what anyone says why is that mentioned in the Novelization on Page 300? While the b Novel follows the movie after the reshoots and new script, the Tie Fighter is still mentioned. So,,,
What's up with that. Check the book out and see what you think.
Fustrating ain't it. So many things missing and the studio is like "you'll never going to see this". But you never know, lol.

Here is my take on what I would like to see win. I usually predict what the Globes will pick but this year is different as some I couldn't care less, no hurry to see and what I like to see win instead of them.
Drama Section:
Picture: Hacksaw Ridge
Director: Mel Gibson
Actor: Danzel Washington
Actress: Anyone but Amy (sorry I love Amy, she's done better)
Suppt Actor: Jeff Bridges
Suppt Actress: Viola Davis
Note: "Fences" had the best acting period along with a great ensemble cast. 4 out of  5.

Picture: Deadpool
Actor: Ryan Reynolds
Actress: Meryl Streep (yes the singing was annoying but she sold it)
Note: Screenplays is whoever wins Best Picture in their category.

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