Monday, January 30, 2017

Hidden Figures Surprise Win

Live on MNN now playing on Youtube: the Oscar Nominations Edition. Radio show coming soon.

This what happens when your film tanks at the box office no matter if you have an Oscar or not. Many years ago this wouldn't have mattered. But with so much as stake DC/Warners are taking no chances. Shame, I think he would have done a good job.

You go girls. If you listen to the past Youtube and radio shows, my money was Denzel and Viola for the acting catagory. Didn't see Ali get it but still cool. But my favorite film of the year so far got the big ensemble cast win so that was sweet. But the other big surprise was Affleck got beat by Denzel. Double sweet as I thought both the acting and picture were both overrated. So there.
Other big surprise seems like La La Land is losing stream and Westworld lost. Why Westworld was it nominated in the first place is beyond me. Overall just an overrated year all together. But my girls got the win. Just remember that SNL skit this past weekend when both pictures was mentioned. That says it all. Note: Even tho Emma Stone won best actress, it did take away from Natalie Portman in Jackie, another oeverrated performance. Streep should have won. So there, lol.
Still haven't seen Stranger Things which also won Cast Ensemble at the SGA Awards. And now being in the new Godzilla. All this at only 12 years old. Talk about luck at an early age.
If you watched our latest Youtube show(Live on MNN) I got on Sony's case about being the the film busniess. Ok who is watching whom? As I said that as a side bar (while alos mentioning Disney and ESPN) that they should get out while they can. And this article nails that or should I say I nailed it first. LOL.
Chewbacca is back, character from Force awakens and Thrones' Emilia Clarke is rumoured. Man this is getting better and better with more info.
Capaldi should stay for another season now that showrunner Steve Moffat is leaving. He just ran out of ideas and that budget didn't help either. They used that same hallway for half the shows. Shame.

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