Wednesday, February 01, 2017

King Kong Skull Island Special

Due to a heavy workload (yeah that musical production by a former X-Men, but worth it!)  the next blog and radio show will be posted next week.  But in the meantime...
Ironic. Rouge One was Edwards tribute to Apocalypse Now ( which at one point was going to be directed by Lucas himself). So now here is that reference point to Kong and Godzilla. More on this reference on the radio show.
Lots of goodies on the production. This also leads to other articles relating to the production.
I have to admit, this should be interesting from a different point of view. If you listen to the commentary (you guys know how much I love these no matter how bad the film is) by Coppola, he pretty much says it all. But to see it all come alive is definately a challenge.
Nice cover up. All this promotion and they still keep delaying the release date later into the year..
Perfect ! I mean look at that mug. But I have to admit Grint (Potter fans wake up!) would take it to anothe lever. The others? Well Some I know some I don't so I won't be the judge here. But I hope the new show runner will bring more imagination than previous. And boot up the Budget already for crying out loud!
Yikes ! this should be boring to the max. David Lynch versions was a mess. Here is the link to the best version that was never made:
Jodorowsky's Dune
This is so cool considering how much each actor have progress in their career to come back and take a pic. Yes, they were all part of a big picture but now all are involve in different projects in their point of their career. Some move on and don't look back regardless of the project and I just don't get that.

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